Visiting an audiologist is just like going to any doctors, opticians or dentists, it can be nerve wracking or daunting for some people, especially when you suspect something may be wrong and are anxious about the results.

Here at Tailor-Made Hearing Care, we aim to make our patients feel calm and relaxed at our friendly clinic in Willerby, West Hull. Our practice co-ordinator, Naomi, will greet you with a warm smile in the reception area whilst you await your appointment with Phil, our Audiologist or our hearing care practitioner.

Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as we possibly can before, during and after your hearing test, hearing consultation or check-up. But don’t just take our word for it, during the last 4 months (since we opened our doors) we have had so many 5-star reviews for our patients…

Joshua Penrose

Since a young age I have suffered with my hearing due to various reasons, somehow I have always got by.
However, over the past few years it has been increasingly difficult to place what people are saying to me, especially when not directly facing someone, this has severely affected me in both my professional & personal life.

Enter @Tailor-Made Hearing!

I spoke to a very pleasant Naomi on reception who booked an appointment to suit around my busy schedule, she has also been very welcoming, polite & helpful in providing me with some additional information I required.
At my initial appointment I was greeted by the audiologist Phil & shortly after I had a diagnosis (severely hearing impaired), a solution & answers to combat the situation.

As someone who works in healthcare & understands the need for professionalism & individuality in treatments, Phil & the team have been been a blessing as they are incredibly personal in their approach to my needs & the most important aspects of my life; family, work, music & how this would affect me not only now but in the future.
The whole experience has been positive, Phil has spent a lot of time & effort supporting me & my needs, being sensitive to the situation, helping me understand more about the affects of hearing loss & educating me with clear & knowledgable advice, the aftercare has been excellent & consistent throughout & continues to do so.

There were many options offered to me to suit my needs & wants, and did not feel pressured into any decision which was not my own.
Since having my aids I have realised just how much I have missed out on, it has improved my life significantly even in these early stages, my only regret is I did not make the effort to go sooner!

I am still early into my journey, however, I would 100% recommend anyone who needs support to book an appointment & improve their life.

Thank you!

Tracey Williams

I was worried my hearing was not as it should be, so as this was a new local company, I called them. Best thing I have ever done. I was put at ease from the minute they took my call to the end of my consultation. They are all easy to talk to and very professional. The audiologist, Phil and his team, clearly explained about the hearing test and wax removal process, and it all was done very tactfully, carefully and gently. I cannot fault anything about this hearing test experience. I am very happy as I can now hear clearly again. For me it was a simple case of accepting something was not right and doing something about it. By making the call to the right people I certainly did that. Thank you to the Tailor-made hearing care team you really are great at what you do.

Elaina Colley

I have had ear wax removal and a hearing test at tailor-made everyone was so lovely they were all great at explaining things and answering my questions and put me at ease. I would fully recommend Tailor-made such a warm welcome, I now feel like I'm "back in the room " again now I have my hearing back, thank you!

Kirstie Ward

Just been for a consult with regards to getting a new hearing aid which is more practical and up to date to fit in with my lifestyle.

The hearing examination which I undertook was one of the most comprehensive hearing tests I have had and trust me I've had a few in my life.

Thank you to Phil & Naomi for the warm welcome which I received throughout the appointment, making me feel at ease throughout.

I would recommend anyone who needs help with any hearing issues to go and speak to them

P.s can't wait for my new aid to come- so exciting

Wendy Deacon

Excellent service from start to finish, my partner has been suffering for years with tinnitus and hearing loss, we couldn't be more happier now my partner has had the new micro hearing aids that just sit in your inner ear, you cannot tell at all that he has them in and his tinnitus has been reduced by a 3rd and he is more happier, the results have been brilliant so far and over the weeks will get better, no more ringing and so happy with the service we have had and received so far we would definitely recommend 5

Mandy Jackson

To cut a very long story short, I’m deaf in the left ear. Around 4 weeks ago I started with tinnitus then i started to have hearing. called GP and they have referred me to ENT. So, I called Tailor-Made and it was the best decision I have made. Phil was amazing, by the end of the test he knew exactly what my problem was, he gave me an hearing aid to try and I couldn’t believe it. I could hear EVERYTHING!! I couldn’t stop smiling. I have ordered the hearing aid which will be ready next week.

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