Over time, hearing loss can creep up on you slowly, making it challenging for you to recognise the changes.  It's common for gradual hearing alterations to go unreported.

Maintaining healthy hearing and reducing the risk of dementia and other medical disorders require early action.  You can maintain your hearing health by getting regular hearing tests at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull, so you can easily take in the sounds around you.

Typically, a hearing test is a quick process that may be completed in a single regular consultation.  Adults over 60 should get a hearing exam every year, especially if they have been around loud noise at work or have some hearing loss already.  Every three to five years, young adults should have their hearing evaluated.


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The following can be helped by routine hearing evaluations at Tailor-Made HearingCare Clinic in Willerby, West Hull:


It could slow down cognitive ageing

Early treatment of hearing loss may prevent any possible impact on the brain's ability to process sound, which could impair cognitive function.


Identification of any pre-existing hearing issues and notification of one or more related medical issues

To alleviate any issues with hearing loss or potential future harm to the structures of the ear, for instance, recognising and addressing health issues like high blood pressure, which can be connected to tinnitus, may be helpful.


Reduction of additional hearing loss by early detection and treatment

The easier it is to manage hearing loss, the earlier an audiologist can detect any abnormalities with a hearing test.  You may protect your hearing from long-term and irreversible damage by taking care of issues as soon as they appear.


Recognise alterations in your hearing over time

Given that most changes are little, you could find it challenging to detect them.  Your audiologist can check your hearing over time with routine hearing tests, though.


Examine the general state of your ears

A hearing test will examine your ears' general health in addition to your hearing. It's an opportunity to have any issues with wax accumulation, infections, fluid, or any blemishes or injuries in your ears examined. Your ears will be physically checked, both within and outside the ear canal, for any indications of problems. Additionally, you might have the health of your eardrums, acoustic reflexes, and other ear structures examined.


Lifestyle changes

Your hearing environment frequently changes as a result of changes in your way of life, such as retirement, new interests, or modifications in your family situation.  To improve your hearing in these new situations, it may be helpful to adjust the settings on your hearing aids or implants.  Protecting your hearing is equally vital, for instance while starting a new job in a noisy environment or using power tools.


Lessen the emotional toll that hearing loss takes

Interpersonal communication can be negatively impacted by hearing loss.  Regular hearing testing can help prevent the distress, frustration, anger, embarrassment, shame, inferiority, identity loss, and loneliness that come with untreated hearing loss.


Book your FREE hearing test at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull today. Call us on 01482 654111 to book an appointment.

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