Lighter nights, (slightly) warmer days and Easter only few weeks away, can only mean one thing… well OK, 2 things if we count the excessive amount of chocolate… DIY! It’s that time of year where we look around the house and garden and think about what we need to do during the spring, especially with the garden, to get it looking great for summer.

DIY, usually involves loud equipment, such as saws, drills and many other things that can ‘make your ears sore’, and especially for Tinnitus sufferers, can elevate their Tinnitus symptoms. Loud machinery can also cause gradual hearing loss, especially in people over 50. This is because these machines operate at a high decibel level.

Thinking about your hearing and ears isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, if indeed it comes to mind at all, when you’re doing things around the home. It isn’t until you are halfway through a job, sawing some wood, or sanding down that banister, that you realise it’s affecting your ears and hearing, by which point you just carry on regardless because ‘your nearly finished now’.

So, use this as your early warning reminder, add this to your to-do-list and get those ear defenders at the ready. You can buy them relatively cheap from any good hardware or DIY store such as B&Q or Screwfix, for as little as £4.19.

Here are some good options on the Screwfix website that will help protect your ears whilst doing those DIY tasks around your home: click here

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