Hearing aids are a big investment to make, and for most people crucial to their everyday lives. Depending on the hearing aids you use, they typically have a life span between 3 and 5 years. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best from your hearing aids and the maximum amount of time before you need to shell out for a new pair.

Store them carefully

When storing your hearing aids, there are proper and incorrect ways to do so. Therefore, remember to take out the battery from your hearing aid and store it with the battery door open before going to bed. This will assist in getting rid of any moisture or humidity that might accumulate inside the gadget. To stop corrosion from occurring inside the hearing aid, you should also take out the batteries from any backup sets you may have stored in your house.

Clean your hearing aids

Although it may not seem very attractive, earwax has a very useful function: it shields the delicate eardrum from foreign objects and infections. On the other hand, earwax accumulation can harm your aids, and wearing them can actually cause your earwax production to increase. Cleaning your hearing aids on a daily basis is the best approach to maintain their optimal performance. The device and the inside of the battery compartment should be gently cleaned using your authorised hearing aid brush, or in an emergency, a clean toothbrush.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Electronics and water don't mix well when it comes to hearing aids. The ions in the water can short out your hearing aid in a couple of minutes if it becomes wet. If you're going outside in the rain, be sure to shield your hearing aids, and keep them away from damp surfaces like your bathroom sink and shower. In the unlikely event that your gadgets become wet, be sure to dry them off right away, take the battery out, and let them air dry completely before using them again.

Keep up with maintenance and repairs

The several smaller components that make up your hearing aid are wax guards, external speakers, tubing, and microphone covers. To make sure your hearing aids are operating to their maximum potential, make routine maintenance appointments with your audiologist if you wear them. To extend the life of your gadgets, routine maintenance is essential.


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