Everyone has wax in their ears, it’s a sticky substance inside your ears that traps debris and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses from getting deeper into the ear canal. Normally, the wax would eventually dry out, and fall out of your ear when you asleep.

Sometimes your ears produce too much wax, or cleaning your ears with a cotton wool bud pushes wax further down and this is when problems occur. Wearing headphones to listen to music can also be bad, not only because of the volume of noise, but is stops wax from falling out naturally.

Here are some common warning signs that you may have a build up of wax in your ears that needs professional attention:

  • Partial hearing loss or muffled sounds; this is when you struggle to hear people properly in conversations or sounds just don’t feel as sharp as they used to.
  • Itching; you feel an itch or a tickle deep in your ear canals.
  • Tinnitus; some sort of ringing or buzzing sensations in your ears.
  • Earache; usually a dull aching sensation in your ears and can also be felt around the jaw line.
  • Dizziness/Vertigo; a spinning sensation.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal at our practice in Willerby, Hull could be just the answer. It’s a safe procedure where we insert a small suction device onto the ear and gently remove any wax from the ear. It’s completely safe and there is no risk of infection. Its quick and completely pain free.

If you think you need Ear Wax Microsuction and live in the East Riding of Yorkshire area, then why not drop into our practice in Willerby, Hull or call us on 01482 654111 to arrange an appointment.

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