Let’s be honest, we have all tried to remove ear wax or dirt ourselves at home, who hasn’t got a tub of Johnsons cotton ear buds in their bathroom cabinet?!

However you should know that these attempts to remove ear wax in this way yourselves could be doing more harm than good, mainly because they push ear wax further down the ear canal.

Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are one of the most widely used instruments for cleaning ears, yet they can be very harmful. Putting a cotton bud into your ear canal might push earwax farther down it, causing a blockage and making the wax impacted, instead of cleaning your ears. In addition to increasing your risk of infection, cotton buds have the potential to rupture your eardrum if they are placed too far because they can scratch the canal wall.

Ear Candles

Online, ear candling has been fairly popular in the last few years. Placing a hollow ear candle inside the ear while resting on your side is the procedure. It is then intended for the candle to create suction while it burns, which is supposed to draw the wax out. However, this approach can be quite risky and has little supporting evidence. You run the danger of getting burned by the candle, aggravating the blockage, and possibly even puncturing your eardrum.

Ear Drops

Peroxide drops are another popular DIY wax removal technique that works by softening and dissolving earwax. Although these can be bought over-the-counter, we do not advise using them due to the hazards involved. If you suspect you have an ear infection or already have an ear damage, these drops are not safe to use as they may exacerbate the illness or cause more discomfort. In addition, these drops may induce episodes of vertigo, irritability and discomfort, and transient loss of hearing if taken undiluted. Use peroxide-based drops only as prescribed by a healthcare provider.

At-home removal kits

The at-home removal kit is another option that is sweeping the internet. At-home removal kits would work well, and many internet stores provide them for next-day delivery. False; they'll act in the exact opposite way. Anything that goes into your ears may get harmful if you don't know what you're doing or what to look for, so it's better to leave that to the pros. These kits frequently include instruments like syringes and suction devices, which, if not handled properly, can potentially harm the ear canal.

Professional Ear Wax Removal

At Tailor-Made HearingCare we also like to use soft and gentle irrigation with specialist equipment. We will always use the best method for the condition at that time. As part of this service, you will also receive a FREE Hearing Screening which will provide you with a baseline of your current hearing levels.  It’s so very important to gain this baseline whereby we can catch any hearing loss before it further deteriorates and leads to complication and detracts from the joy and sense of sound.

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