People may not consider going for a Full Hearing Screening if they do not notice significant hearing loss or any hearing issues. However, because hearing loss frequently develops gradually over time, you may be unaware of little or gradual changes in your hearing. Tinnitus affects between 10% and 25% of the population. 90% of people who suffer from tinnitus also have hearing loss. People frequently may not detect hearing loss but do experience "ringing in their ears."

That is why it is critical to get frequent hearing consultations to detect early signs of hearing loss. Finding out your baseline hearing also aids in the diagnosis of some medical ear disorders that can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus in the future.

A hearing test and a review of your medical history can help determine whether your hearing loss is the result of ageing, excessive sound exposure, or specific medical disorders.

Excessive noise exposure and ageing are the most prevalent causes of hearing loss, a hearing problem can also be caused by an underlying medical condition.

Regular Hearing Consultations

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, it is critical that you continue to have frequent hearing consultations. It will assist us in monitoring your hearing, identifying factors that may be contributing to your hearing loss, and making appropriate recommendations and treatment recommendations. Hearing exams on a regular basis can benefit in the following ways:


Hearing aids can stimulate the ageing auditory system and deliver new sensory information to the brain. Your audiologist will assess your hearing capacity and ensure that the amplification from your hearing aids is appropriate for your hearing loss. If your hearing changes later, your audiologist may typically reprogram your hearing devices to fit to a revised prescription.

Tinnitus Treatments in Hull

Tinnitus, a persistent buzzing, ringing, hissing, or whistling noise in the ear, is more common in patients with hearing loss. This ear noise can make it difficult for them to focus or sleep. Your audiologist will test your hearing, collect information about your health history, and propose possible treatment options after testing your hearing. A hearing test can help in the diagnosis of certain balance disorders that stem from the ears such as Meniere’s Disease, Positional Vertigo, Acoustic Neuromas, and Sudden Onset Hearing Loss. An earlier diagnosis can assist you in receiving appropriate treatment immediately.

Balance Disorders

A hearing test can aid in the diagnosis of ear-related balance problems such as Meniere's Disease, Positional Vertigo, Acoustic Neuromas, and Sudden Onset Hearing Loss. An earlier diagnosis can help you receive suitable therapy right away.

Your General Health

Hearing loss has been connected to heart disease, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and others. Regular hearing exams can detect early warning symptoms of various medical issues, allowing you to seek treatment sooner. The results of a recent study found that those with untreated hearing loss were 42% more likely to develop dementia than those without hearing loss.

Regular Hearing Consultations in Hull

As you get older, it is important to schedule regular hearing Consultations and Screenings with us, just as you would yearly eye tests. We are an independent audiologist clinic in Willerby, West Hull. Get in touch today and book an initial appointment. We will start by doing a full hearing consultation, an in-depth chat about your lifestyle and get a better understanding of your baseline hearing.

Book Your Free Hearing Test in Willerby, Hull

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