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Our Free Hearing Test at our flagship store in Willerby, Hull, will give you a baseline at any given time of your hearing levels, particularly where speech is concerned.

Unless you are already under the care of an Independent Audiologist, we recommend that you visit us annually to keep tabs on your hearing levels enabling you to act fast in the first instance of detrimental hearing loss.

We begin by expertly assessing your general hearing health in this free hearing test, by gaining understanding of your unique listening experience.  This provides us with the ability to best help you, considering your feelings, understanding, priorities, and restrictions.

A run through your basic medical history will provide us with the background information we require to make reasonable and effective recommendations.

We will conduct Video Otoscopy to have a good look at your ears, checking the overall health of the Pinna (the bit you can see) and then checking your ear canal or the External Auditory Meatus, down toward the Ear Drum where we examine the Tympanic Membrane in full and check it’s condition. At this time we can determine the overall health of these sections of your hearing system. Frequently everything looks as it should and we can progress to testing.

Any abnormalities, pain, discharge, ear infections, bacteria, or general wear and tear can be discovered and if found, can be resolved with an agreed care plan. You will be educated on the condition of your ears so that you fully understand your circumstance if any. This may require a referral to your GP, or to ENT services which we can handle on your behalf saving you time and enabling you to move forward worry-free.

The Free Hearing Test at Tailor-Made HearingCare in Willerby Hull, gives you the opportunity to share you concerns, learn more about the hearing system, and have any queries you may have answered.

With the use of Pure Tone Audiometry in your free hearing test in Hull, we will establish your current hearing levels via air conduction at 4 key frequencies to see if indeed there appears to be a Hearing Loss or not. Where we discover a hearing loss, we will be able to share with you the type of Hearing Loss you may be suffering with, and to what degree that hearing loss exists.

Then, as a problem solving practice we will give you our best advice moving forward and you will have the opportunity to receive further tests with us and gain a favourable solution that best meets your needs.

Hearing Test Questions

Can I book a free Hearing Test near me?

Yes, contact our clinic in Willerby, to book your free hearing test in Hull.

It’s a 30 Minute Appointment where we will conduct a hearing test to establist your base line hearing levels.

Call us now on 01482 654111 to book your appointment.

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Book Your Free Hearing Test in Willerby, Hull

To book an appointment to see our audiologist at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull please phone today on 01482 654111. We can also give you an instant referral to an ENT specialist if you are struggling to get an appointment with your own doctor.

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