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We take a detailed look at your hearing function and cognitive ability both in the practice, and in the real world. Unparalleled precision testing helps us determine the exact type of hearing loss you may be living with.

With a holistic, positive, and passionate mindset, we will discuss your current hearing experience. We will together determine your specific needs and desires for Hearing Health and how we may achieve that, while listening intently, and compassionately, so as we can choose the best possible way to move forward. We will understand which specific difficulties you may be experiencing at this time and give you a chance to have any questions you have answered by an expert.

This is a great opportunity to get to know about your unique lifestyle, how best we can improve your quality of life by improving your ability to hear more clearly in any given. environment.

A Tailor-Made Full Hearing Assessment consists of Traditional, Modern, & Scientific testing methods, which give us a full picture of your listening system and gain crucial data, which we use to deliver and maintain a stellar solution.

We take a detailed look at your hearing function and cognitive ability both in the practice, and in the real world.  Unparalleled precision testing helps us determine the exact type of hearing loss you may be living with, and the degree of which that hearing loss exists.

Led by ones unique characteristics, we will work together to achieve the best possible outcome and solutions. 

The Full Hearing Consultation provides superior value over a Free Hearing Test here at our practice in Willerby, Hull, as we test multiple frequency responses by way of Pure Tone Audiometry. In addition to some traditional and modern methods of testing we gain further information and data via Air Conduction. This assesses the function of how your outer ears capture sound and how that sound is translated through your Tympanic Membrane (Ear Drum), and then through the Ossicular  Chain which transfers sound to the Cochlear. The Ossicular Chain is comprised of three tiny little bones which act as sound conductors in sequence from the ear drum to the cochlear.

The Cochlear is a pea sized organ which lives just behind our ears on the ‘nobbly part of bone’ just above the soft neck tissue and laterally to the jaw bone within the Mastoid Bone.

Through Air Conduction, the cochlear, an amazing organ in itself, receives complex wave forms and breaks them down into signals, by a process of chemical changes responding to Inner and Outer Hair Cells reactions to sound. These hair cells numbering in their thousands are known as Steriocillia and they literally respond to designated wave forms. One can therefore imagine how this physiological system could suffer wear and tear over a period of time.

The Cochlear also responds directly to complex wave forms directly in the way of vibration and its interpretation. This process is known as Bone Conduction, so in addition to Air Conduction we can see how the retro-cochlear system compliments a fuller picture of ones hearing system and it’s limitations.

Further testing such as Tympanometry may be necessary, and is included with our Tailor-Made Full Hearing Consultation.  Here we can determine the functionality of the Ear Drum.

Where more complicated hearing loss exists, it may be helpful for us to gain more data on retro-cochlear function including the measurement of our brains Acoustic Reflexes. 

Having cutting-edge equipment at Tailor-Made HearingCare gives us the ability to connect precise data with an holistic solution which we can continue to improve on over time. Working together, using both your experience and our expertise, we will give you our best advice and prescribe accurately.

We have an amazing choice of Hearing Technology in different styles, different levels of performance, and different price points which will suit any budget. For our customers at Tailor-Made HearingCare, we have one simple principle: To achieve the best hearing ability possible.

Invest in a test and bring JOY back into your world.

1 Hour & 30 Minute Appointment at our flagship store in Willerby, Hull.


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