Hearing Aids

We make bespoke and custom prescriptions with Contemporary Digital Hearing Aids. Expertly fine tuned using knowledge & unparalleled test data gathered from your Full Hearing Consultation.

We may recommend Assisted Living Devices which further enhance your Listening Environment such as a Remote Microphone or a TV Sound Connecter. We work with many class leading manufacturers including GN RESOUND, Starkey, Widex, Oticon, and Bernafon.

Hearing Aid Fittings

At your fitting we will really personalise your solution and take time and care to get the best performance possible and achieve maximum confidence in managing the devices.

We will conduct further testing including Real Ear Measurements where at Tailor-Made we go above and beyond competitors fitting standards. We test in real life situations and simulated conditions, and continue to work on your sound until we achieve the best possible results, filling you with confidence and joy, as you get yourself connected.

We will continue to develop and fine tune settings as part of your continuing AfterCare as part of your chosen package.

ALL Solutions include Fitting, Verification, Validation, After-Care

Apple & Android Compatibility*

Upto 5 Year WARRANTY, 5 Year After-Care, & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee^

From as little as £849 ea

*New Technology Specific Platinum & Gold Packages. 

^From time of fitting.


Precision Fine-Tuning Service

An existing Hearing Aid user? Could your listening devices could sound better? Or do you just need a good ole clean?

Then book in with us, for a thorough Clean, Service, with a Precision Fine Tuning Session. We will explore adjustments based on your lifestyle and current listening ability.

60 Minute Appointment

From £90*


Hearing Aid Packages

Holistic Hearing Solutions? We’ve got you covered! Access to Assisted Listening Devices.  Rediscover joy in every single listening environment.


Book Your Free Hearing Test in Willerby, Hull

To book an appointment to see our audiologist at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull please phone today on 01482 654111. We can also give you an instant referral to an ENT specialist if you are struggling to get an appointment with your own doctor.

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