Hearing Tests

At Tailor-Made HearingCare we offer three types of hearing tests, here in Willerby West Hull, to suit all budgets.

Free Hearing Test

We will expertly assess your General Hearing Health by understanding your listening experience, conducting Video Otoscopy to have a good look at your ears, and then through Pure Tone Audiometry, we will test your hearing levels at key frequencies to see if indeed there appears to be a Hearing Loss or not.

We will give you our best advice moving forward.

30 Minute Appointment at our practice in Willerby, Hull



Full Hearing Consultation

We will listen intently and get to know about you and your lifestyle, if you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, and how best we can improve your quality of life, by improving your ability to hear.

A Tailor-Made Full Hearing Assessment consists of both Traditional, Modern, & Scientific testing methods.  We take a detailed look at your hearing function and cognitive ability, determining the type, and degree of Hearing Loss. Led by ones unique characteristics we will determine the best possible solutions. 

90 Minute Appointment, at our flagship store in Willerby, Hull.



Online Hearing Test

If you are concerned about your hearing, our free online hearing test will help you determine whether you need to see our audiologist, at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull. You can repeat this online hearing test as many times as you want for free, but if you need a comprehensive check or want to speak with an audiologist, simply give us a call or drop us an email to schedule an appointment.


Book Your Free Hearing Test

To book an appointment to see our audiologist at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull please phone today on 01482 654111. We can also give you an instant referral to an ENT specialist if you are struggling to get an appointment with your own doctor.

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