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Tailor-Made HearingCare is a premium audiologist in Willerby, West Hull. We get great results applying our expertise to crucial data gained with the use of cutting edge equipment and refined experience.

Our culture is professional, warm & welcoming, where we attain clinical excellence, in a clean and safe environment, where we work to positives, and are a solution based practice.

On-street parking is available. If you are not close-by or within walking distance, or simply need further assistance, we can arrange a taxi for you too courtesy of Tailor-Made. Call us on 01482 654111

We specialise in Full Hearing Consultations, Hearing Screening, Hearing Solutions, Wax Removal Microsuction & Gentle Irrigation, Hearing Aid Fittings, and we offer a Precision Fine-Tuning Service.

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About Phil Marshall RHAD MSHAA

Phil achieved Professional Qualification with a Degree from The University of Aston University in Birmingham, becoming a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, and a member of British Society Of Hearing Aid Audiology BSHAA, and Licensed Practitioner through the Health Care Professionals Council HCPC.

Phil started in Audiology with Boots HearingCare as a trainee Audiologist and Hearing Aid Specialist before becoming a Fully Qualified Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser with Hidden Hearing.

Phil, a compassionate, articulate, & empathetic audiologist has a wealth of life experience and has worked with sound in a professional capacity since he was a young boy.

He grew up in the community of Willerby and Graduated Wolfreton School before conducting a Management Degree in Lincoln which he cut short heading to the USA for a career in the Music Industry with his first record deal in 2000. Phil is still very much active as a songwriter, consultant, and Record Producer.  He’s always been a positive, calm, strong, and able soul whom puts people and their happiness first.

This is seen clearly in how he works so well and interacts with colleagues, contemporaries, our community, and most importantly people, & YOU - our valued customers.

Phil brings the same drive, ambition, creativity, articulation, and pursuit of excellence which makes Tailor-Made Hearing-Care such an exciting prospect. and a most welcome Independent Business, in a sector where we have 1 audiologist per 6,800 people according to some records.

Working with both Majors and Independents in his previous job roles, Phil brings a great dynamic and understanding to his consultations.

Phil’s last position was representing a National HearingCare company part of The Hakim Group and Amplify. Phil started as Head of Audiology UK North and was subsequently promoted to the position of Head Of Audiolgy UK.This is where Phil further developed his SLT experience in audiology, strategising, negotiating, and developing the brand with supporting dispensers and business development across our country.

In 2023 Phil decided it was time to come home and deliver the best HearingCare possible in the village he grew up in, and now, we have Tailor-Made HearingCare West Hull. Here in Willerby.


Excellence - Integrity - Clarity


Unparalleled precision testing

  Expert advice with a choice of personalised solutions at competitive prices

         Continuing Fine-Tuning & World-Class After-Care



“A not that long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away from Beverley Westwood, my Father asked me to attend a hearing assessment as a what we call in the profession; a ‘Familiar voice”.

My Dad had shared with the audiologist that I was looking for a business opportunity in the UK after completing my last record deal in the States.

I was blown away by the consultation and my dad’s ability to hear better again. The audiologist Jason gave me an application and yes, the very next day I applied to a major HearingCare provider to specialise in Audiology, the rest, as they say, is history.

“What I believe about Audiology is this…. It’s confusing, it needs simplifying, it needs modenising, expertise, an enormous number of people are struggling with their hearing loss and not doing anything about it. The available technology these days is amazing, I believe in postivity, safety, continued care, confidence, development, improvement, learning, and building a future that keeps people connected and helps them to experience joy. But make no mistake, Tailor-Made HearingCare could change your life, I’ve seen it time and time again.  & this is why I do what I do”


Our Team

Phil Marshall, RHAD MSHAA

HEARING AID AUDIOLOGIST & MANAGING DIRECTOR. A warm, passionate, & caring professional whom has 30 Years experience working with sound, and has helped 100s of people to hear more clearly again continuously over the last 6 Years having Specialised in Hearing Aid Audiology and HearingCare. With Excellence, Integrity, and Vision, Phil’s mission is to help towards helping the now more than 10 Million people living with Hearing Loss in our country.

Kathleen Hagues


Naomi Gardiner

PRACTICE CO-ORDINATOR Passion-Dedication-Determination. I am passionate about people and I thoroughly enjoy working with all kinds of people with different backgrounds. I always challenge myself to be the best I can be, and to help others to feel valued and cared for, both for my professional colleagues, and also any patients I am working with. I love to share my my skills and experience whilst also learning from others. I look forward to welcoming you into our lovely HearingCare Practice here at Tailor-Made. : )

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