West Hull’s Premium Hearing Care Provider

Tailor-Made HearingCare is an expert Independent Audiology Practice in Willerby, West Hull. We specialise in contemporary, bespoke, & personalised hearing solutions.


We conduct Unparalleled Precision Hearing Testing and prescribe contemporary class leading Digital Hearing Aids. With the support of World Class After-Care, Tailor-Made HearingCare also provide the safest forms of Ear Wax Removal with both Micro-Suction, and gentle Irrigation.

We provide FREE Hearing Tests in Hull, Tinnitus Management, Ear Moulds, Workplace & Sporting Ear Defenders, In-Ear-Monitors, Assisted Listening Devices, Audiophile level Stereo Headphones.


FREE Hearing Test

We will expertly assess your General Hearing Health by understanding your listening experience, conducting Video Otoscopy to have a good look at your ears, and then through Audiometry, we will test your hearing levels at key frequencies to see if indeed there appears to be a Hearing Loss or not.

FREE 30 Minute Appointment


Tinnitus Treatments

Although there has been no breakthrough in its treatment, there are a number of techniques and therapies that can assist in managing your tinnitus and reduce its symptoms. Here at Tailor-made HearingCare in Willerby, Hull, we have a number of treatments and options available to treat Tinnitus and help reduce your Tinnitus symptoms.


Full Hearing Consultation

We will listen intently and get to know about you and your lifestyle, if you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing, and how best we can improve your quality of life, by improving your ability to hear.

90 Minute Appointment


Ear Wax Removal & Gentle Irrigation

We conduct what is considered the safest Wax Removal by a process of Micro-Suction.  This method is non-invasive, safe, and effective. In addition ton this we some times use gentle irrigation to help shift tough cerumen. As a courtesy we will also give you a FREE Hearing Test.

45 Minute Appointment


Precision Fine-Tuning & Servicing

If you are an existing Hearing Aid wearer and feel they could sound better or just need a good old service, then book in with us, for a Thorough Clean, Service, and Fine Tuning Session.

45 Minute Appointment


Hearing Solutions

We prescribe Bespoke and Custom solutions with Contemporary Digital Hearing Aids, Expertly Fine Tuned using Knowledge & Unparalleled Test Data, gathered from your Full Hearing Consultation. We may recommend Assisted Living Devices which further enhance your Listening Environment.



At your fitting we will really personalise your solution and take time and care to get the best performance possible and achieve maximum confidence in managing the devices. We test in real life situations and simulated conditions, and continue to work on your sound until we achieve the best possible results.


Book Your Free Hearing Test in Willerby, Hull

 To book an appointment to see our audiologist at our clinic in Willerby, West Hull please phone today on 01482 654111. We can also give you an instant referral to an ENT specialist if you are struggling to get an appointment with your own doctor.

163 Kingston Road, Willerby, HU10 6AP

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays, 9:30am - 17:30pm
Thursdays, 11:00am - 19:00pm
Second Saturdays, Monthly 11:00am - 16:30


Book in with us for a Hearing Consultation

You think you may have Hearing Loss

Book in with us for a FREE HEARING TEST in Hull with the experts and find out what your hearing levels are.

You know you have a Hearing loss and need to know more

We recommend you see us for a Tailor-Made FULL HEARING CONSULTATION & receive our expert advice.

You are an experienced Hearing Aid user and want to see an expert

Come and see us for a FINE-TUNING & SERVICE of your Listening Instruments. Let’s get you hearing more clearly.

Premium Hearing Care Clinic

Located at the North-Ella Shopping Parade in Willerby, Hull, Tailor-Made HearingCare supports the HearingCare of residents in the West-Villages of Hull  including Kirk-Ella, Swanland, Ferriby, Anlaby, Hessle, Cottingham, Beverley, Brough, Melton, Welton, Skidby, Hull City, & The East Riding of Yorkshire.

Tailor-Made HearingCare believe in 'Accessible HearingCare for all', the delivery of exceptional products and services, with dedication, compassion, & quality time invested, all provided without the waiting times experienced in corporate practices, and the NHS.

As we continue to innovate and support an hollistic approach to HealthCare we are now offering Vitamin & Wellness Intermuscular Jabs. Please call for more information on the wide variety of supplements which are available exclusively at Tailor-Made HearingCare.

Happy Clients

5 star tinnitus treatment hull

So here’s my partners story so far... He has had tinnitus for years and years and he said there was nothing that could be done having gone to the doctors in the past just something he would have to live with. I kept saying to him for weeks and months you should get your ears checked out...Tailor made hearing opened up just near to us, so he finally popped in and ask for some advice. What a brilliant service we have had from start to finish, Phil and his receptionist have been very professional very welcoming and have done everything he said he would regarding getting my partners new hearing aids done and fitted... and we have gone with the micro pods that just sit in your inner ear, you can’t even tell he has them in, after a few weeks of having his new hearing aids it has reduced his tinnitus by a 3rd and he now says it’s so much nicer and feels like he's more relaxed and not having the ringing will take a few more weeks to get used to them and to slowly result in over the weeks of having the new hearing aids programmed to suit him and be happier within himself.

Wendy D

5 star tinnitus treatment hull

I have been having problems with my ears for weeks so I visited Tailor-Made Hearingcare. The staff were warm and very friendly and sorted my hearing out in no time at all. I feel like a new man and on top of the world.

Lionel C

5 star tinnitus treatment hull

To cut a very long story short, I’m deaf in the left ear and around 4 weeks ago I started with tinnitus. I called my GP and they have referred me to ENT. So, I called Tailor-Made and it was the best decision I have made.

Phil was amazing, by the end of the test he knew exactly what my problem was, he gave me a hearing aid to try and I couldn’t believe it. I could hear EVERYTHING!! I couldn’t stop smiling. I have ordered the hearing aid which will be ready next week. I’m so excited!!!

If you are experiencing any problems with your hearing, please give Tailor-Made a call.

Mandy J

5 star tinnitus treatment hull

I have had ear wax removal and a hearing test at tailor-made every one was so lovely they were all great at explaining things and answering my questions and put me at ease. I would fully recommend Tailor-made such a warm welcome, I now feel like I'm "back in the room " again now I have my hearing back, thank you!

Elaina C

5 star tinnitus treatment hull

Just been for a consult with regards to getting a new hearing aid which is more practical and upto date to fit in with my lifestyle. The hearing examination which I undertook was one of the most comprehensive hearing tests I have had and trust me I've had a few in my life. Thank you to Phil & Naomi for the warm welcome which I recieved throughout the appointment, making me feel at ease throughout. I would recommend anyone who needs help with any hearing issues to go and speak to them P.s can't wait for my new aid to come- so exciting

Kirstie W

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